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Metabolic Syndrome

Do you identify with any of the six components of metabolic syndrome?

  1. Obesity – primarily abdominal obesity

  • BMI – over 25

  • Increased waist circumference

  • More than 102 for men

  • More than 88 fro women

  1. Has it been more than one week since you got your heart rate over 140 beats per minute from an exercise workout or routine?

  • Do you have a sedentary job that requires you to sit all day long?

  1. Do you smoke?

  2. Do you have high blood pressure?

  • Blood pressure over 135/85 OR taking medication

  1. Not sleeping 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night?

  2. Do you eat fast food or dinner out more than three times per week?

  • Atherogenic diet – rich in cholesterol, saturated fats, trans fats and salt

  • All of these foods increase systemic inflammation

If you answer "yes" to any of the 6 components above, you are severely stressing your blood vessels and cardiovascular system.

We have all had friends, family members or acquaintances that have had sudden onset of strokes or heart attacks. The components above may relate to their lifestyle and you can try to prevent these serious debilitating events with lifestyle changes

How can you reverse the affects of Metabolic Syndrome on the cardiovascular system?

  1. The American Heart Association’s recommendations for physical activity

  • 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity – 5x/week = 150 minutes

  • 25 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity – 3x/week = 75 minutes

  • Moderate- to high-intensity muscle-strengthening activity – 2x/week – for additional health benefits.

  1. Check your lab results!

  • Triglycerides – 150mg/dL or less

  • HDL – 40mg/dL or more for men and 50mg/dL or more for women

  • Fasting glucose – 100mg/dL or less

  1. A Mediterranean Diet is recommended

References: "American Heart Association Recommendations for Physical Activity in Adults." American Heart Association Recommendations for Physical Activity in Adults. American Heart Association, Feb. 2014. Balch, Phyllis A. Prescription for Nutritional Healing. New York: Avery, 2010. Grundy, Scott M., et al. "Definition of metabolic syndrome report of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute/American Heart Association Conference on scientific issues related to definition." Circulation 109.3 (2004): 433-438.

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