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Gallagher Chiropractic and Sports Medicine (GCSM) was established in 1994 after Dr. Thomas Gallagher graduated from Southern California University of Health Science (SCUHS) with his Doctorate of Chiropractic and Bachelor’s Degree in Ergonomics from the University of California, Santa Barbara. GCSM has been joined by Thom Nguyen, L.Ac who provides acupuncture with electrical stimulation and cupping since 1996. Today, we have four massage therapists that offer cupping, sports medicine therapeutic massage, stone massage, or relaxation massage.


GCSM provides care to individuals across the lifespan, from children to severely sensitive and/or osteoporotic elderly. We offer techniques that allow sports minded athletes to return to participation with minimal time lost.


Our goal is to provide HEALTH CARE not sickness care to our patients. HEALTH CARE means to assist patients in achieving optimum performance and quality of life.

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