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What is all this tape athletes are wearing?

Kinesiotape or "K-tape" has been in practice for many years. A Japanese Chiropractor came up with the concept. It is much different than the old concept of the white athletic tape. Historically the process was to limit and inhibit the majority of joint motion through aggressive taping that circumferential wrapped around the joints to inhibit any aberrant motion.

K-tape actually works synergistically with the muscle groups and joints to enhance correct movement patterns. It also provides a lymphatic drainage as it lifts the subcutaneous tissue layer off of the muscle fascia layer of tissue.

There are currently many new companies that distribute K-Tape. We prefer Rock Tape. The Rock Tape has a longer lasting affect, it is made with an acrylic adhesive the limits allergic reactions and is considered water proof. We work with numerous swimmers, water polo players, surfers and paddlers. So we need the best quality K-Tape that wont fail under rigorous water related sports and perspiration.

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