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Custom functional foot beds or "Orthotics" can help to correct foot and ankle imbalances and balance your leg length inequality. Dr Gallagher works closely with local Doctors of Podiatry to treat complex foot and ankle pain. For non-complex plantar fasciitis, falling arches, bunions, pes cavus foot or leg length inequality, Dr Gallagher may create a custom functional foot orthotic. The perfect arch imprint from a casted mold is sent to a lab where the soft or hard orthotic is created.

Many people that have come into the office have been told that they have one leg longer or shorter than the other leg. The best and most reliable determinant of leg length inequality is a specific X-ray called and orthoroentgenogram. (See the attached photo)That is a black and white picture of any true leg length imbalance measured down to the millimeter. This specific information is then used and built into the foot bed of the orthotic.

Therefore, not only is the arch corrected, but the leg length can be corrected as well.

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